A Bread Factory, Part One (Post-Show Q&A with Patrick Wang!)

This is the story of The Bread Factory, a community arts center in the small town of Checkford, told in two films.

NR, 122 minutes


A BREAD FACTORY, PART ONE & TWO are our two December member screenings! We are thrilled to announce that Patrick Wang (Director) whom you might remember from Ebertfest 2013 when he was in town for the screening of his film “In the Family” will join us via Skype for post-show Q&A!

Free screening for all Annual Members + 1. Rush tickets will be available for $10 right before show time, based on availability.


Forty years ago, Dorothea (Tyne Daly) and Greta (Elisabeth Henry) moved to the town of Checkford and bought an abandoned bread factory. They transformed it into an arts space. Here they host movies, plays, dance, exhibits. All types of artists visit. It’s where civic groups and immigrant communities can meet, where there are after school programs for children.

Now a celebrity couple—performance artists from China—have come to Checkford. They’ve constructed a huge building, the FEEL Institute, down the street. It is a strange sight for a small town.

Dorothea and Greta learn about a new proposal to give all the funding from the school system for their children’s arts programs to the FEEL Institute. Without this funding, the Bread Factory would not survive. They quickly rally the community to save their space. The commercial forces behind the FEEL Institute fight also, bringing a young movie star to town to help make their case. The school board meeting turns into a circus where the fate of the Bread Factory hangs in the balance. (2018, Patrick Wang, U.S., English, 122 min, NR, DCP)

“A BREAD FACTORY has an immense cast, a deliberate pace and thematic ambition to spare – but it also has a ground-level, plain-spoken modesty that renders it hypnotic.” — Bilge Ebiri, New York Times

“Patrick Wang’s particular skill as a filmmaker is his ability to approach well-worn narrative devices from fresh angles.” — Jake Cole, Slant Magazine

“Through bursts of comedy, poignancy, conflict, song, dance, and theatrical whimsy, what emerges is akin to a homespun symphony of soulfulness.” — Robert Abele, TheWrap

A BREAD FACTORY trailer from Patrick Wang on Vimeo.

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