Looking to increase your business or organization’s local profile and reach out to a diverse, dedicated audience? Advertise at the Art Theater! On-screen advertising is a natural fit for restaurants, bars, art organizations, or any other enterprise looking to increase its visibility in the community. For just $150 per month ($50 for any additional slide) you can let the Champaign-Urbana area know exactly where they should be going before or after the movie!

An average of 785 people attend our shows each week – your message will be viewed by a culturally and civically active audience that shop at local stores, eat at local restaurants, and patronize local artists. Art-house audiences are some of the most active urban consumers, deeply engaged and with money to spend. In short, you want our customers, and we want to share them with you.

Open 365 days a year (including all major holidays), the Art has annually increased our number of community partnerships while creatively diversifying our programming to increase attendance and cater to a wide-variety of moviegoers.

How do the ads work?

  • The Art runs a 30-minute slideshow before every one of the 22-25 screenings/events we host each week.
  • Average of 40 slides before each film. Each slide is on screen 25 seconds at a time, 2x per show
  • With an average weekly attendance of over 785 people, your slide will be viewed up to 39,250 times per week!
  • As soon as we receive your payment, we can begin to run your ad. We cannot run or design your slide without receiving payment! Quarterly payment plans can be arranged for clients who sign up for six or more months of advertising.

Advertising beyond the screen

We highly encourage our advertisers to provide business cards, flyers, or any other material you’d like for our patrons to see in the lobby.

How do I design my slide?
A 20-second slide needs to have a concise, engaging, and eye-catching image that can immediately register with viewers. Our slideshow is designed to run in a 1.85:1 resolution, which translates to about 1998×1080 pixels. We are happy to provide you with a sample slide to show what works best on our screen. Email your file to and we’ll start running your ad as soon as we receive payment.

Can you design a slide for me?
We offer enhanced design services to make sure that you get a great looking slide up on the screen! Just give us some direction about the message you want to communicate and send us any existing artwork (a logo, graphic or photo, for example) that you would like us to use and we’ll take it from there. You can email these files to

We’ll work on your slide and email you a design for approval within two weeks. Design services are priced as follows:

  • Basic still slide design: $100
  • Copywriting: Add $25
  • Photography: Add $75
  • Slide revision: $10

Then, fill out the included form and send along with your check made payable to: The Art Theater, 126 W. Church St., Champaign, IL 61820.


What if I have more questions?
Please email us at

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