Art Merger in Smile Politely’s “Best of 2017”!

The Art’s newly approved merger with the Art Film Foundation was chosen as one of Smile Politely’s “Best of 2017” Arts event! The excerpt is below, and you can read the entire “Best” list here.

From Smile Politely:

“BEST news for local filmmakers, film-goers, and cinema stewards
The Art Theater Co-op merges with Art Film Foundation 

I admit, I loved the idea of having the nation’s first (and only) co-operatively owned theatre. As I learned a few years back, however, it just wasn’t a sustainable business plan for the entertainment sector, and it hemmed in the theatre in a few ways that ultimately would not provide us with what we as a community want: a cool place to watch unique films and have amazing events. At the end of the day, the Art is a resource that keeps Champaign interesting and gives us a reason other than booze to stay downtown and spend money. Keeping it open is paramount to having Champaign live up to our ideal of it, so whatever works to that end is clearly the best option. I applaud the board and owners for finding a solution that maintains a functioning art-house cinema in our city. (RK)”

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