Dr. Jekyll + Mr. Hyde (Live Score by the Invincible Czars)

NR, 95 minutes

As part of Shocktober V, we’re bringing back the Invincible Czars, who filled our theater last year with their incredible score for NOSFERATU. This year, they’re taking on John Barrymore’s DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE (1920), the first great adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s horror novella. For this film of good & evil, the Czars have created their most understated, minimal work, featuring music of Satie & Debussy.

The Invincible Czars make quirky, bold music for lovers of everything in the “other” category. Inspired by comics, sci-fi, fantasy & horror stories, cartoons, comedians, and classical composers, they’re eclectic, dynamic and always have a cinematic flair.

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