Ernest Scared Stupid

Free screening as part of *90 MOVIES FROM THE 90s*.

PG, 93 minutes

In 1991’s ERNEST SCARED STUPID, the magnificent goon Ernest P. Worrell (Jim Varney) gets into deep trouble when he decides to build a treehouse for the neighborhood kid and accidentally digs up an ugly, evil-tempered troll who hates all children and shows it by promptly turning the five kids helping Ernest into wooden sculptures. Adults at that time probably found this film an average obnoxious slapstick comedy, but those of us who were kids remmber ERNEST SCARED STUPID as a nightmare more terrifying than anything we could have imagined. Also starring … Eartha Kitt, for some reason. Just remember, they don’t like milk. (1991, John R. Cherry III, US, 98 min, PG)

*90 MOVIES FROM THE 90’s #003*

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