Mi Vida Dentro (My Life Inside)

NR, 120 minutes


Post-show discussion with Dr. Yuridia Ramirez, Latina/Latino Studies Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow 2018-2019

Rosa Estela Olvera is a Mexican woman who in 1999, at the age of 17, migrated illegally to Austin, Texas. In January of 2003 she was arrested and charged with the murder of a toddler who died while in her care. She was tried in a Texas court in August of 2005. Mexican director Lucía Gajá directs her probing gaze into the controversial court case against Rosa, the evidence, and the role her race and immigration status may have played into the final verdict, which sentenced Rosa to 99 years in prison. The judicial process, the verdict, the separation from her family, the powerlessness, and being incarcerated in a foreign country make MI VIDA DENTRO an essential look into the life of a Mexican immigrant in the U.S. and the limits of the criminal justice system. (2007, Lucía Gajá, Mexico, English & Spanish with English subtitles, 120 min., NR, DCP)

MI VIDA DENTRO (MY LIFE INSIDE) plays as part of the Art Theater’s Migrant Solidarity series — a nation-wide program presented by movie theaters and community centers across the U.S. as an act of cinematic solidarity with migrants. The series is presented in collaboration with The Seventh Art Stand, a national initiative promoting civil rights discussion through film.

*The Art Theater’s Migrant Solidarity Series is made possible thanks to support from:


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