MST3K: The Touch of Satan

Join Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew – Mike, Crow, and Tom Servo – as they blast through space and coast through another movie so terrible, it could make you cry.

NR, 93 minutes


A wandering mellow ’70’s man is invited to stay at a walnut farm where he falls in love with a witch obsessed with “Amazing Grace.” Meanwhile, while Crow and Tom go caroling for Wassail, Prof. Bobo and Observer are tortured in their own ways by Steffi, the babysitter hired by Pearl to watch over Castle Forrester while she’s on vacation. Inspired by the movie, Mike decides to start a walnut farm and finds it’d grueling work while Servo starts growing pecans with the greatest of ease. Crow then gets the idea that he’s a witch and asks Mike to bury him in stones to see if he can feel pain, though it becomes obvious that there’s a reason why he can’t. Servo’s homicidal grandmother then assaults Mike with a pitchfork. In the end, Crow believes he’s sold his soul to Satan to obtain ultimate power but Mike points out he accidentally sold it to a CPA named Stan. Steffi continues tormenting Observer by trying to read him “Green Eggs and Ham” and locks Prof. Bobo in a pet taxi.

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