NR, 87 minutes


NANCY is a provocative psychological thriller about love, intimacy, and trust – and what happens when lies become truth. Craving connection with others, Nancy (Andrea Riseborough) creates elaborate identities and hoaxes under pseudonyms on the internet. When she meets a couple whose daughter went missing thirty years ago, fact and fiction begin to blur in Nancy’s mind, and she becomes increasingly convinced these strangers are her real parents. As their bond deepens, reasonable doubts give way to willful belief – and the power of emotion threatens to overcome all rationality. (2018, Christina Choe, U.S., English, 87 min., NR, DCP)


“‘Nancy’ is an eccentric, pungent gift of a film about a woman without identity played by an actress without persona.” — Ty Burr, The Boston Globe

“Nancy is an assured and genius debut from first-time feature director Christina Choe. Much like its protagonist, the film is an enigmatic and wholly original take.” — Lena Wilson, The Playlist

“Nancy exhibits a seriousness of purpose that’s rare in American movies today.” — Glenn Kenny,

“Nancy sets its title character up as a lost, lonely woman in an alienating world, then pushes the audience’s sympathy for her as far as it can go.” — Katie Rife, The AV Club

“Nancy has an intellectual savviness to its sadness that works, as it challenges viewers on their compassion and ability to recognize something within someone who is so lost.” — Nick Allen,

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