Save the Art’s Marquee!

We only have $400 to go to meet our goal-pledge today!

For 104 years the Art Theater has been a fixture in the cultural life of Champaign-Urbana. But 104 years can really take a toll on a building! Over the past two years the Art has been making improvements to our space to provide you with the best possible theater experience and to ensure our building truly reflects the the vital role the theater plays in the cultural life of Champaign-Urbana.

One of our biggest challenges is our damaged and failing marquee. The literal face of the theater, our marquee should be a beacon for downtown Champaign, its growth, and the role the Art plays in all of our lives. But right now, it’s a sad shell of its former self. Damage from being hit by a semi-truck (!), failing electrical sockets, and broken neon lines put the cost of fixing it at $20,000, making the marquee project impossible—UNTIL NOW!

The City of Champaign’s downtown improvement project has pledged $10,000 to fix the theater’s marquee. The catch is: we can only access that money if we can match it. That is where you come in!

The gift you give today counts twice as much! Every dollar that is donated to this campaign will be matched DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR by the City of Champaign—up to $10,000!

$25 becomes $50, $50 becomes $100, $100 becomes $200…..and on and on!

If the marquee isn’t fixed, it will continue to deteriorate until it becomes unusable. Help us stop that from happening!

Please, make your pledge today at our Kickstarter page HERE!

We must reach our goal of $10,000 by March 8th.

If we don’t, we can’t access ANY of the matching funds.

Your pledge today is just that, a pledge. Your credit card won’t be charged until—and unless—we reach our goal of $10,000 by March 8th. Donate early, donate often, and spread the word!

History of the Marquee Campaign

About a year and a half ago the Art’s Board of Directors tasked its Buildings and Grounds subcommittee to look into what it would take to fix the marquee. While we could see many of the problems with the lights and the neon, we had a sneaking suspicion that more trouble lay below the surface, specifically in regards to the wiring. Unfortunately, we were right! The Buildings and Grounds committee worked closely with Austin, our general manager, to have the full scope of the damage assessed by a variety of experts. After we knew what was wrong, we solicited several bids for its revitalization, being sure to perform our due diligence on the project every step of the way. Knowing we did not have the necessary capital to finance the restoration ourselves, our board began working with the City of Champaign and voila! The marquee campaign was born.

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