Tales from the Hood

R, 95 minutes

Feat. discussion w/ Sundiata Cha-Jua & Gus Wood

Produced by Spike Lee and directed by Rusty Cundieff, Tales from the Hood is a horror anthology that offers something unique – namely the perspective of young, urban black Americans circa 1995. With four EC comics-inspired morality tales woven around a framing device set in an inner city funeral home (run by a wonderfully Crypt Keeper-esque Clarence Williams III), Cundieff and co-writer Darin Scott move between funhouse scares and serious, real-world problems – from police abuse of people of color to child abuse to gang violence to the KKK (!) – keeping their message pointed without ever sacrificing gory good times. With a slammin’ soundtrack boasting 90s hip hop heavyweights like Wu Tang Clan and Grave Diggaz, and a solid cast featuring Wings Hauser, David Allan Grier and Michael Masse, Tales From the Hood rolls deep while scaring you silly. Still topical and well-deserving of a venerated place in the horror anthology vault of horrors. (1995, Rusty Cundieff, US, 98 min, R)

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