The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales…

THE BIG BAD FOX AND OTHER TALES plays as part of the Art Theater’s Smart Kids 2019 series. Admission is FREE & open to All!

G, 83 minutes


2017 | Patrick Imbert & Benjamin Renner | France/Belgium | English | 83 min | G

From the creators of the Academy Award®-nominated Ernest & Celestine comes another hilarious, heartwarming tale of animal misfits destined to become a classic. The countryside isn’t always as calm and peaceful as it’s made out to be, and the animals on this farm are particularly agitated: a fox who mothers a family of chicks, a rabbit who plays the stork, and a duck who wants to be Santa Claus. If you think life in the country is a walk in the park, think again! Directors Benjamin Renner and Patrick Imbert adapt Renner’s own acclaimed graphic novel into a delirious, delightful triptych of interlocking stories, with a pacing and visual spontaneity that harkens back to classic Looney Tunes shorts and slapstick two-reelers. But underneath the gags (and there are plenty of them), the three stories offer a sensitive and beautiful portrayal of family and the anxieties of modern life.


“In divisive times, Pig and his friends, who consist of maybe a dozen drawn lines apiece, provide much-needed laughter in the tradition of the great Warner Bros. cartoons.” — Charles Solomon, Los Angeles Times

“The fusion of the performers’ droll delivery, the spare yet expressive character designs and well-observed movement creates a real warmth and wit.” — Leslie Felperin, The Guardian


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