The Club

NR, 98 minutes

Acclaimed director Pablo Larraín’s (Neruda; Jackie) taut, blackly comic commentary on individual responsibility and organized religion takes place in a secluded house in a small seaside town.

The seaside town of La Boca, Chile houses four disgraced priests and the nun who acts as their caretaker. These men have all been sentenced to a life of exile due to a past transgression. They spend their days repenting and avoiding further temptation, that is until their quiet existence is interrupted by the arrival of two guests—another disgraced clergyman and a representative from the Vatican sent to study the effects of their isolation. The presence of these men and the outside world they bring with them throws everything off balance. Secrets buried under years of prayer and quiet monotony are once again brought to the surface. The Club is acclaimed director Pablo Larrain’s taut, blackly comic commentary on individual responsibility, organized religion, and the combustible combination of the two. (2015, Pablo Larrain, Chile, 95 min, NR, Spanish with English subs)

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