The Fog (4K Restoration)

R, 89 minutes


Friday night’s screening will be introduced by Jonathan Knipp, Media and Cinema Studies, UIUC

John Carpenter’s 1980 supernatural thriller THE FOG, returning to theaters with a new 4K restoration, features three iconic scream queens: Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh, and Adrienne Barbeau!

A strange, glowing fog rolls over a small coastal town one hundred years after a mysterious shipwreck and when vengeful ghosts go on a killing spree, residents look for answers even as they try to survive. (John Carpenter, 1980, U.S., English, no CC, 89 mins., R, DCP)

“THE FOG is pivotal to the cementing of Carpenter’s aesthetic…He’s a master, period — a genre poet as pop existentialist.” — Chuck Bowen, Slant Magazine

“Ultimately, it’s a John Carpenter movie: concerned with group dynamics, unhelpful authority figures, strong women, the sins of the past, and that moment when helpless isolation shades into outright terror.” — Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times

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