The Howling

R, 91 minutes


Introduction by Professor Jonathan Knipp, Media & Cinema Studies, UIUC.

From the director of Gremlins and Piranha comes the ultimate masterpiece of primal terror. Filled with edge-of-your-seat suspense, this riveting werewolf tale sinks its teeth into your deepest fears and never lets go.

Severely shaken after a near-fatal encounter with a serial killer, TV newscaster Karen White (Dee Wallace, E.T.) takes some much-needed time off. Hoping to conquer her inner demons, she heads for “the Colony,” a secluded retreat where her new neighbors are just a tad too eager to make her feel at home. Also, there seems to be a bizarre link between her would-be attacker and this supposedly safe haven. And when, after nights of being tormented by savage shrieks and unearthly cries, Karen ventures into the forest to find answers, she makes a terrifying discovery. Now she must fight not only for her life…but for her very soul! (1981, Joe Dante, U.S., English, 91 min., R)
“A perverse, satirical contribution to the oft-maligned werewolf genre.” — Nick Schager, Lessons of Darkness

“Joe Dante’s film, from a John Sayles script, is a memorable and highly amusing cult horror classic.” — M. Enois Duarte, High-Def Digest

“The Howling is one of the rare horror movies that has only gotten better with age.” — Dr. Adam Jahnke, The Digital Bits

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